smelending.com is a lending marketplace that brings together business dealers, business sellers and lenders to create a more efficient way of distributing capital than conventional means.

Conventionally a seller extends credit to a business dealer, allowing him to buy now and pay later. smelending.com frees up the seller from this need by letting a lender do the same.

The uniqueness of the marketplace arises from getting access to non-traditional data points from the business process of buying and paying. These data points digitized and embedded into the lending process helps in reducing the operational risk & costs of lending.

Through the marketplace, whenever a dealer is purchasing goods or services from a seller, they can opt to pay through smelending.com whereby they are extended a short-term credit instantly.

smelending.com is a business initiative of Innoviti Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (www.innoviti.com). Our goal is to become the largest lending marketplace in the world. We believe our approach to identifying and capturing non-traditional data points using technology is a game changer. It can dramatically reduce the risk and cost of lending, opening up lending opportunities that were difficult to tap profitably otherwise. It will also open up unlimited possibilities for sellers and brands to innovatively design and deliver attractive credit schemes. We believe this marketplace can transform how lending will happen in the world.


  • - India's #1 SME lending marketplace
  • - 2X of all other lending platforms put together
  • - 30+ cities
  • - 400 loans distributed daily
  • - 20,000 registered dealers
  • - ₹ 400 crores distributed annually

How it works?